Gems & Diamonds

We are passionate about promoting our uniquely beautiful Australian gemstones and source our Opals & Sapphires in central Queensland direct from the gem fields.

Our collections and custom orders have us traveling regularly building relationships with trusted suppliers and expert Gem Cutters, sourcing rare & exotic gems from all corners of the globe. We only deal with ethically sourced stones . Our passion for creating unique pieces keeps us on the run , adding richness to our collection of rare gems that deliver high value through its rich colors, unusual cuts and rare shapes. Our Pearl collection is a mix of stunning White Australian South Sea, Black Tahitian Pearls.


We have 30 years of expertise in dealing with rare gems and love to share the knowledge through educating our clients on how to choose a diamond or gemstone.

We advise on seeing the benefits of choosing quality , durability, suitability and the rarity factor of each stone. If you find a particular stone of interest from our showroom pieces or a photo reference, we can source a selection that can be viewed based on desired colour, size, shape, style, cut  via email or in person at our showroom. Our large collection of loose gemstones are available to view by appointment at our showroom. They range from diamonds to colored stones such as Opals, Tahitian Pearls, Sapphires, Spinels , Tourmalines and garnets to name a few of our loved ones. Find our unique collection of gems below suitable for engagement or dress rings, earrings and pendants.

Would you like to have your own custom piece designed to match and compliment who you are and what makes you unique; or would like to learn more about our collections, pieces and process?