We are makers of fine jewellery, crafting pieces that empower and transform.

We believe that only by strengthening the unique connection each one of us has with nature, others and ourselves, we can empower and transform people into the best version of themselves.

Harnessing the qualities and virtues of gemstones to connect with each individual, ethically sourcing them from around the world and turning them into true tokens that empower and inspire transformation.

Inspired by other eras and ancient places, our approach to jewellery design goes beyond the simply beautiful and ultimately translates into modern yet timeless pieces.

Founded by Scott Rogers over 25 years ago - SR is the new expression of his craft and purpose, reborn as a collective manifestation and brought together by Scott and his team of passionate crafters, traders and sources.

What started as a genuine infatuation with gemstones and the natural world end up converging into an artistic outlet. Ultimately finding its truest form; Purposely molding moments, feelings and emotions into sophisticated jewellery pieces that empower and transform.

SR exists as a channel to each one of our clients to convert the most beautiful memories into tokens to be kept for millennia while empowering those who are walking their true path.


Scott is always looking for ways to continue to express his creativity, and connection to nature in an ethical and ecological way. Being one of the few licensed Fair Trade Gold Retailers in Australia as well as utilizing recycled gold, and platinum for all his creations.

Our materials

We are passionate about our uniquely beautiful Australian gemstones and source our Opals & Sapphires in central Queensland direct from the gem fields, whilst our collections and custom orders have us travelling regularly to source rare & exotic gems from all corners of the globe. 

Our Pearl collection is a mix of stunning White Australian South Sea, Black Tahitian Pearls along with the exciting addition of the fancy colours unique to Fijian Pearls. 

Working in collaboration with our team of talented and passionate artisans that assist in bringing Scott's designs into physical form.

Would you like to have your own custom piece designed to match and compliment who you are and what makes you unique; or would like to learn more about our collections, pieces and process?

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