Custom Pieces

A celebration of two people coming together, or a gift to carve a lasting memory, a custom-designed piece is the ultimate token that defines a glimpse to never be lost in time.

Transforming your special moments into eternal memories.


All of Scott Rogers pieces and collections are brought to life with the highest standards of quality, beauty and craftsmanship.

Our custom designed pieces takes our process further by bringing you to the center of it. Conceptualised from the nuances that make you who you are, an extension of your own presence and complement to your true self. An omen to be with you as you walk your own path.

Step 01

Your journey starts by either talking to us in person or over the phone/email. We would love to hear about your ideas and see how we can be a part of creating something special.

Step 02

Our unique designs stand the test of time and feature the Gem as star.

Visit our custom gallery or Instagram for inspiration or to build a connection with styles, colour or gemstones.

View our Custom Work Gallery

Step 03

Sourcing the right stone that fits the personality, budget and design is important and takes time, effort and is backed with years of experience. It is an adventure we love to take for all our clients. Once we collect all the information and find the perfect fit, we discuss prices and make adjustments accordingly for final approvals.

Step 04

The excitement of creating hand-crafted pieces is endless and we truly enjoy the making process. It requires detail and precision craftsmanship which takes place on-site at our quaint Bangalow workshop. We generally advise  6-8 weeks on completion, however, we are on occasions known to create miracles.

Step 04

We work with a limited number of clients each year to ensure the intimacy and enjoyment of our work. The finished piece is a reflection of our connection and intention of creating beautiful pieces that resonate and have a lasting memory for our clients.

Would you like to have your own custom piece designed to match and compliment who you are and what makes you unique; or would like to learn more about our collections, pieces and process?